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200 a variety of product models, a more complete range
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200 a variety of product models, a more complete range
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200 a variety of product models, a more complete range
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200 a variety of product models, a more complete range
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Protective film industry pioneer, professional cast brand
10 in materials and manufacturing technology, the accumulation of domestic high-quality mobile phone film industry pioneer, the site near the Shenzhen most beautiful lines subway No. 11 line "" Ma An Shan, modern workshop and advanced equipment, experienced technical team
The original factory Gandour, refused the middle post
More than 200 kinds of products, variety complete, update speed, Japan imported glass, AB glue and other raw materials, quality assurance, professional anti fingerprint nano coating, high brightness, good feel
Guarantee your interests, speak with the facts
40 sets of CNC machine tools, the annual output reached 13 million, powerful productivity, semi automated production lines, product 100% qualified rate, high-quality, perennial and "SF" "excellent speed" cooperation can cash payment settlement transport convenient
All day online assessment star service, the protection of good reputation
Throughout the day the full service, efficient processing problems, free to send samples, seeing is believing, the product more assured, the annual selection of quality wholesalers, more surprises waiting for you
All kinds of international certification, security certification and Accreditation of the world organization
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  深圳市天晟微电子材料有限公司,创立于2006年,注册资金500万,总部设在深圳市。天晟秉承“让手机装饰成为一种时尚”的理念,从材料挑选到外形设计,每个细节都精雕细琢,为手机打造具有时尚创意的周边配件产品,已拥有自主品牌“佩晟PECHANT”。同时,公司为客户提供OEM单和ODM单定制,生产加工手机、电脑、平板等数码产品的屏幕保护贴膜、保护壳、保护皮套,公司与多家知名手机厂家有战略合作,产品更畅销东南亚、欧洲、美洲等海外国家,成为行业领...【More ...】
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