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Shenzhen Pechant Technology CO., LTD
Mobile Phone:0086-15702088819 (WhatsApp)
Contact Person:Linux.Ling
QQ:3223473547 (Linux.Ling) or linux@pechant.

Company Pofile

Shenzhen Pechant Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2006.

We focus on phone screen protectors, and now we have our own R&D department, Mold department, 3D Curved department, CNC department, Tempered department, Lamination department, Injection department, Painting department, and Package department..

1.R&D department, 25 employees;

2.Mold department, 600 sets/day molds production ability;

3.3D Curved department, 80 sets machines, 50,000 pcs to 80,000 pcs ability one day;

4.CNC department, 32 CNC machines,

5.Tempered department, 12 sets,

6.Lamination department, 24 machines, 120,000 pcs to 150,000 pcs ability one day,

7.Injection department, 5 injection machines,

8.Painting department, 2 auto-painting lines,

9.Package department, 30 employees, 20,000 pcs to 30,000 pcs ability one day.

Shenzhen Pechant Technology factory does all works for phone screen protectors , provides one -stop solutions: solutions

2.Good price

3.Quality guarantee

4.NDA for Custom work

5.Market Support

6.OEM and ODM Accepted