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Pechant Tech (SHENZHEN) CO., LTD

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Leaders in screen protector Design and Manufacturing Techniques - Pechant Technology
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Pechant Technology is a developer and manufacturer for mobile phone accessories, like iPod/iPhone/iPad/Samsung/Huawei etc. especially for screen protector, wireless charger, etc. electronic products. Our main customers are from Europe, United States, Asia even worldwide.

We operate ISO 9001 ISO14001 and ERP system, and always provide a highly qualified sales and work force at competitive prices. We have our own mold factory, CNC factory, heat bend factory, injection factory, charger factory, and focus on providing innovative designs and working on different treatment, new techniques to achieve most customers’ requirements and most importantly retailers’ demands. High quality, good efficiency, fast ETA is always pechant’s Target.

With the support of our customers, Shenzhen Pechant Technology Co.,Ltd. has became more proud of its business and will continuously strive for perfection in its field.

Looking forward to your requirements and visiting, please feel free to contact us right now. Thanks.

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